by @heycaseywattsup

how to use


How does this app work?

All the information is stored in the URL. The app reads the title, artist, chords, and structure all from the URL.

No need to make an account or anything 🤓

Example Songs

Keep Your Own Data

Keep track of your chords somewhere like a Google Spreadsheet, generate a URL using these parameters defined below, and then the app will display these chords for you!

URL Parameters


Title and artist show up at the top of the page

  • title=Bills, Bills, Bills or title=Soon+May+The+Wellerman+Come
  • artist=Destiny's Child or artist=Sea+Shanty


Chords are defined in a list, separated by commas, with no spaces. You can define separate sections: chorus, verse, and bridge

  • chorus=Am,E,G,D,F,E or chorus=F,C,Dm,Am,F,C,Em,Am
  • verse=Am,E,Am,E,F,E,Dm,E or verse=Am,Dm,Am,Am,Em,Am
  • bridge=C,F,G


This app defines the structure using single characters:

  • v is a verse
  • c is a chorus
  • b is a bridge

For example:

  • structure=v,v,b,c,v,v,b,c,b,c or structure=v,c`

URL Parameter Gotchas

  • The hardest thing about URL parameters like these is remembering ? vs &:
    • there has to be a ? to start (no & there)
    • any parameters beyond the first one starts with & (not a ?)
  • Example full URL:,%20Bills,%20Bills&artist=Destiny%27s%20Child&chorus=Am,E,G,D,F,E&verse=Am,E,Am,E,F,E,Dm,E&bridge=&structure=v,v,b,c,v,v,b,c,b,c